Onsite - Furniture is functional and clean. This furniture may have scratches, but is better quality. Other items we carry are :
Marker boards, microwave, coffee centers,refrigerators,copy machines,and office supplies.

Double Ped desks - 30X60, 30X66

Double Ped desks - 30X60, 30X72

File Cabinets
File Cabinets:
legal, letter,
wood, metal
locking, non lock
2 drawer
4 drawer
5 drawer

Folding chairs
Stack chairs
Guest chairs
Low back - tilt/swivel
Mid back - tilt/swivel
High back - tilt/swivel

Folding tables
6' folding tables
8' folding tables

Conference Tables
Conference tables are in many different sizes. Most common sizes are 6,8,10,12,14,